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  • Anti Aging Regiments

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    There isn’t any doubt we all live in a quick-paced society that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. To relieve a number of the stress related to at all times being on the go, many people have turned to online to search out ways of pampering themselves and searching good.  Here at A Womans Place Too.com we provide quite a lot of skin care providers, that are listed above. Use this record to help you decide what products it’s possible you’ll be interested in. We bring you the latest news in skin care expertise at an affordable price. We are dedicated to serving to you improve and maintain skin wellness. Our focus is on anti-getting old therapies and looking out younger and more stunning with out surgery. Specialty merchandise includes laser hair removing, microdermabrasion, Pimples Blemish Control, Aromatherapy, Cellulite Treatments, Massage Thereapy, Anti-Ageing Products, and finally Scar & Stretch mark Reduction.

    Laser Hair Removal:

    There must be a cause why laser hair removal is number two on the list of the most carried out cosmetic procedures.  After we, as a individuals, discovered to harness the pressure of this beam, a whole new world opened earlier than us.  From military implementations to the medical and beauty worlds, lasers are utilized in surgeries , in vision correction, in dentistry, in skin resurfacing and in hair removal. The devices themselves come in several shapes and strength, and since it is so extensively used, it makes laser hair removal a really logical solution.  Best of all…it can now be performed on our own.

    Home Micro-dermabrasion Kits:

    You possibly can take years off your appearance with an in home treatment. There are numerous totally different house micro-dermabrasion treatments on the market, each of which is specifically formulated to exfoliate away the useless skin cells that keep your skin from looking its best.

    Before advances in microdermabrasion technology led to the widespread availability of in house treatments, women who wished to polish their skin for a youthful glow must go to their dermatologist to take pleasure in the benefits of micro-dermabrasion. These early procedures required using lasers or chemical substances, and infrequently prompted pain and discomfort, in addition to required important restoration time. Despite these damaging points, many women elected to place up with the discomfort and downtime with a purpose to restore and preserve their youthful appearance.

    Fortuitously, trendy therapy choices are far more convenient and are comfortable. At this time, effective at house micro-dermabrasion treatments can be found from any supply that sells quality skincare products. You no longer have to go to your dermatologist to get pleasures and advantages of at home services.

    Acne Blemish Control:

    Therapeutic Corrective Acne Treatments.  Exfoliates epidermal congestion of the skin, rebalances oil secretions through draining and normalizing of the pores, helps reduce acneic lesions and penetrates skin to loosen keratinized build-up, kills bacteria below surface, reduces inflammation and peels pore lining.  Desensitization, cooling, repairing and sedating of over-stimulated skin. Refines pores, exfoliates dead cell build-up, removes impurities, rehydrates tissues, rebalances pH level and puts skin on the track to renewed healing and health.

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  • Why Using Vitamin E As A Scar Removal Method May Not Be A Good Idea!

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    Ever since I started my research on Natural Scar Removal products and methods, I almost immediately noticed how many people seem to advocate the use of Vitamin E as a topical ointment that does indeed deliver some results. On the surface, it actually looks like a good idea with a sensible underlying logic… not to mention that Vitamin E capsules can be purchased quite cheaply just about anywhere, from a grocery store to a pharmacy. Well, if you’re planning to try this method, DON’T! At least not like that.

    I’ve come across plenty of testimonials from people who claim to have faded their scars using this method, but I’ve also come across many testimonials stating just the opposite: some people seem not only to have had no results by smearing Vitamin E on their scars, but also quite some negative results… such as redness, simple allergies and even contact dermatitis. In other words, the topical usage of Vitamin E will probably make your scars look worse than they already do. You may get the opposite effect if you’re lucky, but then again… are you willing to gamble using your skin?

    I wouldn’t be. Actually, I’ve looked some hard medical data and I came across two studies; one is called “Understanding the actual effects of Vitamin E as topical scar treatment”, and it was published in the Dermatologic Surgery Magazine (University of Miami) in 1999; the other is called “The Effects of Topical Vitamin E on the Cosmetic Appearance of Scars” and it was published in 2005 by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery; these are just two out of dozens of scholarly articles you can easily find online, all of which point to the same conclusion: Using Vitamin E as a topical treatment for scars is a terrible idea, and you shouldn’t do it.

    However, it doesn’t mean that Vitamin E doesn’t play its role in scar treatment… if you know how to use it just right, that is! There are other ways to take a Vitamin other than smearing it on your skin, in case you haven’t thought about it!? This little well-known secret is just one of the many things I’ve learned during my in-depth research on natural scar removal procedures. If you want to know more about my discoveries check out my blog, but I’ll round up all the information for you here. An effective homemade scar removal plan must comprise 4 different angles:

    1) Know the type of scars you’re dealing with: Acne Scars, Surgical Scars, Facial Scars, Cuts, Scrapes, Burns or Stretch Marks; each type of scar calls for a different treatment and procedures.

    2 ) Choose the right natural scar removal produt. I know at least 15 inexpensive and highly effective scar fading products you can get in your grocery store: aloe vera, honey, tomato, cucumber, lemon are just some examples. Each product works best in specific types of scars.

    3) Use the right complimentary techniques for the products you’re using. I know about half dozen complimentary techniques, such as specific massages, silicone sheets, and homemade microdermabrasion.

    4) Make some crucial changes in your diet during the scar healing process: some good examples include drinking lots of water and increasing your vitamin E intake (as opposed to just rubbing Vitamin E on your scar tissue).

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  • Acne Scar Effects And Results

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    Once acne begins to heal, in minor cases, it in noticed that the area where the acne once was has a color, which is red. With the continuation of the healing process this coloration gradually darkens initially and within the next six months lightens slowly and vanishes to have an unmarked and clear skin. These scars are minor acne scars and using products such as Retinol or any other hydroxyl acid will help in fast healing of the area.  Unlike the minor out break scars, scars due to nodular or cystic acne are very deep and more discolored. In this case what should be the best plan of action? The treatment in this case very much depends upon a number of factors. These are the severity of the outbreak, type of skin, condition of skin and finally the dermatologists finding and suggestions.

    Chemical peels:

    Chemical peels happen to be the most viable and effective treatment for minor acne outbreak cases. In this treatment method, chemicals are applied on the skin. These chemicals injure the skin around the dried acne temporarily and help in the growth and regeneration of new skin. This procedure needs to be repeated a number of times to obtain favorable results. The successive treatments sessions need to be spaced such that the skin has gets sufficient time to heal itself.

    Dermabrasion and Laser Resurfacing:

    Dermabrasion and laser Resurfacing are very effective treatments for acne scars that are light or shallow. In dermabrasion, the skin layers are removed which helps in the development of a new skin layer free of blemishes. The scar marks are thus removed with the old skin and the new skin will grow blemish less. Dermabrasion is most effective when there is no acne as well as no other skin infection. There are various types of dermabrasion, superficial and deep dermabrasions are important among them. Deep dermabrasion removes the epidermis layer from the skin and reaches the dermis layer. This type of dermabrasion requires a longer healing time because the skin has to now generate a whole new protective epidermis layer.

    A high beam of light with CO2 is used to burn off the top most layer (epidermis) of the skin in laser resurfacing. This layer has most of the scars, so removing this layer removes the majority of scars when a new top layer is formed. Laser resurfacing is a very effective method but the person undergoing this treatment needs care during recovery, as the risk of infection is very high.

    Surgical Method:

    The deep scars left by acne are deep ice pick, box scar or rolling acne scar. There are various surgical methods for treatment for such kinds of scars. A punch tool is used to extract the skin inside a deep scar and sew it. This creates a level surface on the skin. This method is called punch excision. Often bands of fibrous tissues are formed under the skin due to deep acne scarring. It is important to break this band. This is done by minute subcutaneous incisions. After healing, this treatment has great effect in reducing or completely doing away with the rippled skin caused by the deep acne scars.

    Every acne scar treatment has its own positive and negative point. Consult your doctor and dermatologist for the right advice. Beside the above-mentioned measures, there are many other treatments that are known to effectively help the problem of acne. Each case is unique in its own way. The treatment depends upon the type of scar you have.

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